A common experience of using a wood stove is that wood stove glass or glass doors often turn black. This article will tell you about 5 steps on how to clean a wood stove glass door and how to keep it clean.

Since the wood is burned here and in a confined space, so you can’t keep the stove completely free of debris. But if you can use your stove skills properly, you will be able to avoid most creosote buildups when burning them.

It’s not about what is out of our control, but where we have something to do so that we don’t run out of the effort. Remember, wood stove glass needs to be cleaned frequently, otherwise, it can ruin the beauty of the house. in this article.

Why Does Wood Stove Glass Get Black?

If you often see your wood stove door glass black or cloudy, you must first realize that your stove is burning incorrectly. Something going wrong with your stove.
You have to be careful. Some wood stoves and inserts burn using two to three levels of burning. When the fire is burning very cold, you will create creosote on top of the glass if you do not allow the second burn to be employed. You should then make sure that you are burning your fire hot enough to activate the next fire.

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Basically, for a few wrong things your stove or fireplace wood doesn’t burn properly, there is excess smoke and the glass is black. These include burning green or unseasoned wood, having more air outside, keeping the chimney dirty, and burning random wood on the stove.

How to Clean Wood Stove Glass Door?

If the glass of your wood stove gets dirty, there is nothing to worry about. Wood burner glass can be cleaned with a few simple tasks.

1. Use a Wet Towel or Damp Cloth

It is always easy to clean the glass on the heated stove, it stains quickly. But it is better not to do this. Can burn coal. Instead, you can easily clean the glass by soaking it in a light towel when the wood stove has cooled. Just rub the wet towel around the glass.

2. Newspapers and Ashes

This is a great way. Although ash is often seen as an annoying byproduct of our wood burners, wood-burning stoves can work well as cleaners.

In the process, when your ashes have cooled, dip the pieces of newsprint into a pile. Then, like a damp cloth, use this newspaper over the glass. It will work like a cleaner on glass.

3. Baking soda

Another effective way out of the above method is baking soda or soda bicarbonate. This is a very effective way and can work to clean the glass. Make a thick paste by mixing baking soda with a little water and applying it to the glass. Leave this paste for a while to work well. Then rub the newspaper or towel to remove the stain

Then rub the newspaper or towel method to remove the stain.

4. Use Vinegar

The easiest and most effective process is to use vinegar. It will take less time but all the stains will be removed. It has nothing to paste-like baking soda. Simply dip a piece of your cloth or newsprint in vinegar and then rub it to remove the stain.

5. Use Stove Glass Cleaner

This way your stove glass will get back its lost glamor. The glass of the stove will be shiny. Just buy from the market, spray on your fireplace doors and wipe with a damp cloth.

How to Keep Wood Stove Glass Clean?

You will never get smoke-free heat in a wood stove. And as soon as you burn wood, ashes will be produced, and as ashes will be produced, some of its by-products will be collected in the glass. You need to be prepared for this.

1. Select Dry Wood

There is no alternative to burning dry wood on a wood stove. Creating high-moisture wood creosote leads to problems, and moisture inside the wood will create excess smoke and keep stains on glass doors. Wood that has been seasoned and stored properly will have a minimum amount of moisture inside which will give good heat and make the glass less dirty.

2. Choosing the Right Wood Stove

It is true that even if you burn good quality wood at the optimum temperature, a small amount of build-up on the glass is inevitable. Occasionally there is a log that touches the glass with a touch of glass.

For this, you should select the right wooden stove. All the good quality stoves on the market are made in air-wash technology, the glass of which stays very clean for a long time.

3. Burn the Wood Thoroughly

If you do not burn the wood inside the stove completely, the by-products that have accumulated in the glass of your stove will not burn. The result will be dirty glass. When you burn wood completely, the by-products that have accumulated in the glass will burn and the glass will be relatively less dirty.

4. Clean Regularly

Your wood stove should be cleaned regularly. You can use newspaper, wet towels, and ashes when cleaning. You can clean it by rubbing it lightly in a glass with ash with a wet towel or newspaper.

5. Use a Glass Cleaner

If you are looking for a hassle-free and thorough cleaning, we recommend that you use a glass cleaner. There are different types of glass cleaners in the market, buy one of your choices.


Your stove is your asset. Properly covered, it will withstand many adverse conditions. Focus on a few things. Whether you have installed the stove in the right place, whether you are installing it in the right way, or whether the chimney is clean.

Whether your chosen wood is properly dried, whether the wood is properly arranged on the stove. By following these tips properly you can get maximum results from your stove.

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