A fire pit is a great addition to any backyard, but sometimes all the sparks and embers can make it difficult to cook food or enjoy yourself. Needs a spark screen for the fire pit. This article will show you how to make a fire pit screen, that not only prevents sparks from flying around but also looks great! 

A fire pit spark screen is a small metal mesh that covers the top of your fire pit to keep sparks from flying out. It’s important for safety and also to protect your home or deck from damage.

If you want to enjoy an open fire in your backyard without worrying then it’s important that you use a spark screen. A spark screen meshes that sits over the top of the fire pit and prevents sparks from escaping into the air. It also keeps people, and pet animals around the fire safer by preventing them from getting burned by any escaped sparks. 

The Reasons Why You Should Make a Fire Pit Screen!

Protects Nearby Combustible Materials

You should make a fire pit spark screen because it will protect your house and furniture from damage caused by unexpected sparks. Sparks are often the cause of damage to houses, so this is one way you can prevent such an incident happens in yours again. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your belongings are safe against any accidents with the use of a simple product!

It May Protects the Lives

Making a fire pit screen is one of the simplest ways to keep your family and friends safe. Fire pits are an excellent addition to any outdoor space, but they can pose safety risks if not properly maintained.

how to make a fire pit screen

A spark screen will help prevent embers from flying off into the air and onto other combustible materials nearby. It also helps eliminate unpleasant odors that may linger in the air after a fire has been extinguished.

Helps Eliminate Unpleasant Odors

What you might not have considered is that when it comes time to put the flame out, your lovely backyard oasis can feel like hell on earth thanks to smoky odors lingering from extinguished flames.

No one wants those unappealing smells hanging around here.  Make sure there are no plastic, leaves, or branches within three feet upwind before lighting any open fires onto spark screens. 

Transmits Warmth and Beauty

Spark screens transmit the warmth and beauty of outdoor living. Made with a durable mesh, these spark screens are designed to keep sparks from flying out into your yard while still allowing for pleasant conversation between you and guests in front of the fire pit on cold evenings.

So, when you’re looking to set an open fire, ensure a fire pit screen. These screens allow for sparks and embers from the flames below not only to stay within your designated area but also to prevent them from burning anything or anyone that may come into contact with these materials. Depending on where you live, regulations require many people to use this type of protection as well 

How to Make a Fire Pit Screen?

A fire pit spark screen is an important component in any outdoor living space. Not only does it keep sparks from flying out and catching nearby plants or grass on fire, but also it provides a barrier to prevent flies and other insects from bothering the people sitting around the fire. Here’s how to make a fire pit screen for your backyard! 

Step- 1:

The first step in designing a custom screen is to measure its perimeter. This will help ensure your new screen fits perfectly around the edges of your existing one, and that the dimensions are just what you want them to be.

Step- 2:

To make your pit cover, you need a stainless steel or iron ring with the same circumference as that of the hole’s measurement. The taller the ring is, and so long it matches up with the height to width ratio within reason.

Step- 3:

Take two strips of sheet metal, each 1-inch wide and eight inches longer than the ring’s diameter. Lay them perpendicular to one another in an x shape over the center of your metal ring. Then arc them up at a 6-inch angle for a dome that is taller than the height from top to bottom on your circular piece!

Step- 4:

You can create a fire-resistant mesh screen by covering the frame with stretched metal hardware cloth. For added protection, use 1/8 inch or smaller openings in the wire for your mesh and stretch it from old window screens to cover the frame.

You could try creating a fire-resistant sheet of tightly woven fabric that covers any frame’s exposed edge using tight weaving like what is found on window screens!

Step- 5:

You can use metal wire to stitch the mesh around a ring so that it loops under the bottom of the loop and backs up to the top. The stitching should join two layers of heftier-gauge metal mesh along one edge for an enclosure with more stability than what you’d have if just using string or ribbon.

Step- 6:

Now screw a metal eye into the top of the fire pit screen. It will provide you with an easier way to remove it from harm’s way after use. The handle is formed by two welded pieces that cross at their highest point, so drive in and out vertically through one side of each piece until they touch on opposite sides.

Step- 7:

One of the most important steps in preparing your spark screen is to paint it. This will ensure that whatever you are cooking on top gets a nice even heat, and won’t be charred by any sparks or hot spatter from below. The best way we found to do this was with black fire-resistant paint; just coat the entire inside and outside of the metal parts before assembling them for an easy final project!

How to Replace Your Fire Pit Screen?

A fire pit screen is a great way to keep your fire contained and prevent any errant sparks from flying out and causing damage. If your fire pit doesn’t have a screen, or if the one it has is damaged, it’s easy to replace. Here’s how:

  1. Measure the opening of your fire pit. This will give you an idea of what size screen you need to buy.
  2. Choose a screen that is made of durable material, such as steel or wrought iron.
  3. Place the new screen over the opening of the fire pit.
  4. Secure the screen in place with bolts or other hardware, if necessary.
  5. That’s it! You’ve now replaced your fire pit screen and can enjoy your fire pit safely.

How to Maintain Your Fire Pit Screen?

If you have a fire pit screen, it’s important to keep it clean so that it will continue to protect your fire pit from sparks and debris. Here are some tips for maintaining your fire pit screen:

  1. Inspect your screen regularly for holes or tears. If you find any damage, replace the screen.
  2. When you’re not using your fire pit, cover the screen with a tarp or other protective cover.
  3. If your fire pit is in a high-traffic area, sweep debris away from the screen regularly.
  4. When cleaning your fire pit, be sure to brush the ashes off the screen.
  5. If your screen gets rust on it, you can remove the rust with a wire brush or sandpaper.


Never leave it unattended, be aware of small children and pets, keep your fire small and in control, watch for sparks and be aware of strong winds. It is also recommended to burn well-seasoned wood, well-seasoned wood burns hotter and more evenly, and you can use less wood to produce similar warmth for a smaller contained fire.

Seasoned wood also leaves less creosote buildup in your fireplace for less cleanup later. Always be aware of local fire burn bans and non-burn days and have a fire extinguisher, water, sand, or hose handy to extinguish the fire right away.