The auger motor is a device that helps deliver pellets as fuel from a hopper to the burn pot. The first sign of how to test Auger Motor in Pellet Stove is that your stove is getting the right amount of Pellet, which you have already fixed.

The auger motor consists of a reduction gearbox and an electric motor. Its main function is to bring the pellet from the hopper to the burn pot. You get the scheduled burn and heat from your Pellet stove ensuring that your auger motor is functioning properly or delivering fuel.

If you notice that the auger motor is very noisy, the pellets Going down slowly, and taking a slow turn, then your auger may have gotten worse. You should test it, and you can install a new Auger motor.

How to Remove the Auger From the Pellet Stove?

To check the auger motor, you can start by testing the auger motor power and make sure there are no loose wires to or from the auger motor. If the power supply is not an issue, remove the auger motor and bench test off the stove to make sure the motor is in good condition.

When re-installing the motor, make sure the set screw that secures the feed spring to the motor is tight. If the sensor has tripped and got stuck open, it will cut power to the stove. To test for a fault, start by making sure the combustion chamber door is properly closed. If there are no changes, check the pressure disc with a digital voltmeter to read the voltage. If the meter shows there is no power to the pressure disc, press the reset button.

The airflow levels inside the pellet stove are another key factor that could cause the pellets to not feed. Some pellet stoves use a vacuum switch to detect if there is a sufficient flow of combustion air. Typically, the vacuum switch will close sending power to the auger motor, which begins to feed pellets. If proper airflow is not achieved, the vacuum switch will not close and this will cause the auger motor inoperative while installed in the unit.

Insufficient airflow can be the result of a weak or dirty combustion/exhaust fan. To check, clean the fan thoroughly and bench test the fan outside of the stove by plugging it into the outlet. As soon as the motor is connected to power, the impeller should start immediately and rotate very fast.

To continue checking for an airflow problem, check the vacuum switch. Clean the vacuum switch and inspect the silicone hose for cracks or obstructions. The port that the hose connects to could also become clogged with ash or creosote, so check that too.

This vacuum switch can also be tested with a digital voltmeter to check for a fault.

If the voltmeter doesn’t show power on the red wire at the vacuum switch, that indicates a problem with the control box or wire harness. If the voltmeter shows power on the red wire but there is no power on the orange wire, this indicates a problem with the vacuum switch or ventilation system.

How to Test Auger Motor in Pellet Stove?

Before you start testing the auger motor you should unplug it from the wall, and connect the motor to the test wire.  Use the adapter when you connect your test wire to the motor. Then plug the test wire into the surge protector and turn on the surge protector. Now your motor should turn on.

You need to make sure you have a capacitor, as well as an adapter, during the bench test using the testing wire, otherwise, it could ultimately damage your motor.

First, there is a panel on the back of your stove, it can also be on the side, remove it. You will find the motor in the rear panel. Or, you should check your owner’s manual to find out where the motor is.

Second, clean up any rust well by taking some time to easily remove your auger motor. The rust will surround your motor.

Third, if your motor has screws tightly set or has bolts of any color, remove it. This makes it easy to move if you can blast with a pc blaster. It helps in lubrication.

Fourth, now remove the ac wires from the electromagnet. Here you can use long needle-nose pliers to unclip the wires from the motor that’s on the back of the gearbox.

Fifth, access the bolt in the auger collar and operate the motor using the ac test cord.

Sixth, move the motor out of the pellet stove using the appropriate tools. If you find a collar on the shaft in it, you use the socket set to remove the set bolts. If you see the motor is still hard to budge, you can use a mini crowbar and a piece of wood opposite the motor.

How to install the new auger motor?

You need to be careful while installing the new Auger motor.

First, hook the ac cables into the motor electromagnet at the rear of the gearbox. 

Second, once you reconnect the wires, use an AC cord to power the motor and rotate the flat side of the new auger motor shaft so that it is in the same position as the motor shaft of the old auger when you pulled it out from the stove.

Third, your auger motor may attach using an auger collar with a set bolt.  If so,  use a socket to screw the bolt into the auger collar

Fourth, if you see that your agar motor is connected using an auger collar with a set screw, use an Allen wrench to screw on the set screw.

Fifth, if the auger motor is connected with a hitch pin, guide the straight leg of the hitch pin through the holes in the bit and shaft of the auger motor. You can guide it with your fingers or with long nose pliers. The curved leg passes over the shaft of the bit to hold it in place.

Pellet Stove Auger Motor Replacement

Replacing the agar motor in your pellet stove isn’t a hard task. The following instructions will guide you through the process.

First, identify the make and model of your pellet stove. This information can be found on the stove itself, or in the owner’s manual.

pellet stove auger motor replacement

To replace the auger motor, first, make sure that the power switch is in the “Off” position and that the pellet stove is unplugged from the outlet. This can be done by disconnecting the wires and unscrewing the mounting bracket.

Then, remove the pellet stove’s door and the screws that hold the auger motor in place. Carefully remove the old auger motor and insert the new one in its place. Secure the new auger motor with the screws and reattach the pellet stove door. Plug the pellet stove back into the outlet and turn the power switch to the “On” position.


Your stove’s auger motor may be broken if you are not getting the right amount of fuel from your hopper to your burn pot. The first sign is that it will take a long time for your pellets to reach the fire, or they won’t get there at all and stop before reaching their destination!

Take care and time to regularly test your auger motor by following these steps for how to test Auger Motor in Pellet Stove. If something goes wrong with the auger motor, this can lead to many other problems such as not enough pellets being delivered or an increase in fuel usage which will cause higher heating costs.