If you have a gas stove in your home, it’s very common that you get a clicking sound after turning on the burner knob. In this case, a pertinent question arises, what to do if the gas stove keeps clicking? The electric igniter will click a few times before your stove or cookpot successfully starts lighting. Sometimes, the igniter can click repeatedly even after the burner has ignited successfully. But, if you can hear the sound ‘click’ of the igniter even after you turn off your stove! Just be careful.

Not only is it frustrating when a gas stove sparks incessantly, but it can also be a sign that the unit is on the verge of shutting down or ready to collapse. This prompts you to arrange a coffin for it! But you have already spent a lot on it, or it is your very favorite asset. Moreover, since it doesn’t have the smell of gas. So, a battle must be declared to defend it. 

You may need to call a professional. However, we say, before you decide to buy a new igniter for your unit, try to find the source and cause of the problem, and then decide what to do if the gas stove keeps clicking.

How does a Gas Stove Work?

Gas stoves have two types of ignition sources; a pilot light and an electronic ignition system. The pilot light is basically a small and continuously burning gas flame. This flame lights the gas flowing out of the burners when the stove is turned on.

Usually, a small spark from a light switch turns the stove on. Modern gas stoves have electric ignition systems. In this electronic ignition system, an electric spark is used to light the stove. You will get a clicking sound before the burner lights up.

Natural gas is yours from the main gas supply line in your home enters the stove. It mixes with the air inside the burner, then multiplies. If you turn the burner control knob, it will reach the stove, and you control exactly how much gas goes into the burner. Basically, the amount of gas will be supplied exactly as you set the knob.

What to Do if Gas Stove Keeps Clicking Even After the Turn-off?

There are a few reasons a gas stove igniter continues to click even after a burner is turned off. From these significant factors, you just find out your specific problem and try to fix it.

Check for Food Debris

Sometimes food or other debris may block the igniter. So it’s necessary to regularly check and remove debris from the burner groves. If there is burnt food or debris, they can interfere with the igniter. You can use any metal pin or paper clip to do this. However, avoid using any toothpick for this purpose, it will cause more problems if it breaks inside.

Check the moisture

Sometimes the stove igniter keeps clicking even when your stove is off. Excessive moisture can be a common cause. This can be due to various reasons. The most common experience is during cooking.

At this point, your pot bubbles may overflow over your burner and the moisture may continue to click on your gas stove. Moisture before setting the stove on fire you need to make sure it’s completely moisture-free.

Remove the burner cap and wipe the top of the stove with a towel to properly remove excess moisture from the burner. Then place a fan in front of the burner or let it dry well over time.

Adjust the Burner Cap

You can check for moisture and food debris as well as see if your burner cap is on the right track or if the cap has gone out of alignment. In most cases, the gas stove is constantly clicking because the alignment burner is outside the cap or dirty.

To fix this, first, make sure the stove is completely cool. Now remove the burner grate and then the cap to access the cap under it and secure it to the base. Some burner bases are fitted one way. Make sure the burner base is clean and secure along with the cap.

Check the Spark Module

There is a switch to control the electric current. The spark module is installed immediately behind the control knob of the burner. This is probably the same part when this switch becomes faulty, and there is a continuous click or error on that electrode. If it’s clicked, the electric current gets stuck.

It’s not difficult to repair. Each burner has a separate switch, and these are usually connected to a harness that forces you to change each switch. However, since it’s common to uninstall the knobs and lift the cooktop, you can get to work under the unit.

Check Spark Electrode

The job of the spark electrode is to create a spark and ignite the gas. This is the last part of your gas stove chain. It often has the potential to break. Previously since you had a click problem and only let it finish for a few hours, an error occurred. If the stove clicks more then the special part is more damaged.

It’s the most difficult to replace. To turn off the spark electrode, first, uninstall your gas burner, and then re-install. You can take the advice of an expert for this work.

Check Each Burner Control Knob

It’s quite normal to hear clicks when your burners start burning first. This may be due to forgetting to turn off your burner properly. In that case, check each burner control knob to make sure they are off properly.

But if you hear the sound of a click while your stove is off, this is a signal! The problem may be related to your unit’s ignition system. So, you need to inspect your stove closely. First, shut down the gas supply unit immediately and call an expert or professional.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does My Gas Stove Keep Clicking?

There are a few reasons why your gas stove may be clicking. One possibility is that the igniter is dirty or faulty and needs to be replaced. Another possibility is that the gas line is clogged or the gas pressure is too low. If you suspect either of these issues, you should call a qualified technician to inspect and repair your stove.

How Do I Clean My Gas Stove Igniter?

If your gas stove igniter is dirty, you can clean it with a soft brush and some soapy water. Be sure to disconnect the power to your stove before you begin cleaning.

My Gas Stove Igniter Keeps Clicking, but the Burner Won’t Light. What’s Wrong?

If your igniter is clicking but the burner won’t light, it’s possible that the igniter is too weak to spark the gas. This issue can often be resolved by replacing the igniter.

Why Is My Gas Stove Burner Not Lit?

There are several reasons why a gas stove burner may not light. One possibility is that the igniter is dirty or faulty. Another possibility is that the gas line is clogged or the gas pressure is too low. If you suspect either of these issues, you should call a qualified technician to inspect and repair your stove.

How Do I Know if My Gas Stove Is Working Properly?

If you have any concerns about your gas stove, you should call a qualified technician to inspect it. They will be able to determine if your stove is working properly and make any necessary repairs.


If the stove keeps clicking despite the above efforts, you may need to replace the spark module, spark ignition switch, or igniter. But,  the most efficient solution is to call a professional to identify the problem and be sure about it.