The choice of a specially designed wood burning tent stove is often the perfect solution, especially when it comes to camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities. Not only are these types of stoves compact and easy to transport, but they also provide a safe, efficient, and clean way of heating, cooking, and providing light.

Wood burning stoves burn wood more efficiently than open campfires, producing more heat and less smoke. They are also an environmentally friendly option since they don’t require the use of fuel, such as propane or kerosene.

The best wood tent stoves are designed with a double-wall construction, which allows for more efficient combustion of fuel and more even heat distribution.

Best Choices:

Why Select the Best Wood Stove for Tent?

Wood tent stoves offer a convenient and safe way to provide heat and cooking capabilities outdoors. They can provide a comfortable and enjoyable experience when camping, especially in cold weather.

Heat Output: Wood burning tent stoves create a lot of heat, which helps to keep the tent warm and comfortable, even in the coldest environments.

Versatility: These stoves are highly versatile and can be used for both cooking and heating. They can be used to cook a variety of meals, and can also be used to heat a tent quickly and efficiently.

Durability: They are built to last and are designed to be used in a variety of environments. They are made of sturdy materials that can withstand all kinds of weather conditions.

Eco-Friendly: Wood burning stoves offer an eco-friendly way to heat and cook outdoors. They are powered by renewable energy and don’t require any electricity or gas.

1. Camp Chef Alpine Heavy Duty Cylinder Stove

Camp Chef Alpine Heavy Duty Cylinder Stove

Featuring a wide-form shelf and drying rack, adjustable legs for uneven ground, a 5″ diameter chimney pipe (over 10 ft. total height), a wire spark arrestor, and a fire grate in the bottom to protect the base from overheating, this wood burning tent stove provides a safe and reliable heat source in any environment.

With its superior construction and design, the Camp Chef Alpine Heavy Duty Cylinder Stove is the perfect way to stay warm and dry during your camping trips.

Whether you’re hosting a tailgate, backpacking, or just enjoying the great outdoors, you can rest assured that you’ll be comfortable and safe with this reliable stove.


• Wide shelf/drying rack
• Adjustable legs
• 10 ft. chimney pipe
• Wire spark arrestor
• Fire grate protection
• Heavy-duty cylinder
• Efficient wood burning

2. Fltom Tent Stove with Large Firebox

Fltom Tent Stove with Large Firebox, Outdoor Camp Stove include View Glass and Chimney Pipes, Portable Heater for Camping and Indoor Use

Enjoy warmth and comfort from the additional heat output provided by the heavy-duty steel construction. The plus-size firebox offers a generous 9.2″ x 17.4″ x 10.4″ area, perfect for heating larger areas and colder temperatures.

Plus, the top of the flue features a large spark arrestor with a cover and holes to escape smoke, protecting your tent from flying sparks and ash. Enjoy the view of the flames through the transparent high-temperature resistant glass on the door, and conveniently store the legs, pipes, sections, and spark arrestor inside the stove body.

Finally, the folding handles and side shelves on the stove top provide additional space to cook, dry wood, or hang wet items. With the Fltom Tent Stove, you’ll benefit from a powerful and efficient heat source in any outdoor or indoor setting.


• More Heat Output
•Large Spark Arrestor
•Visual Windows
•Compact Storage
•Heavy-duty Steel
•Plus-Size Firebox
•Folding Handles/Level Side Shelves

3. Guide Gear Outdoor Wood Burning Stove, Portable with Chimney Pipe

Guide Gear Outdoor Wood Burning Stove, Portable with Chimney Pipe for Cooking, Camping, Tent, Hiking, Fishing, Backpacking



Make outdoor cooking and heating a breeze with the Guide Gear Outdoor Wood Burning Stove. This durable stove is constructed from galvanized steel with a heat-resistant finish and a cast iron door with air vent holes.

Perfect for camping trips, backyard barbecues, or heating your outdoor space, the Guide Gear Outdoor Wood Burning Stove provides the convenience of cooking and heating with the classic, rustic feel of a wood-burning stove. Boil water, cook bacon and eggs, or keep pots and saucepans hot on the top platform.

The stove is also portable and features five interlocking stove pipes and detachable legs. When you’re done, the entire unit fits inside itself for easy storage. Make your outdoor cooking and heating experience a breeze with the Guide Gear Outdoor Wood Burning Stove.


• Portable & durable wood stove
•Heat & cook outdoors
•Galvanized steel firebox
•Cast iron front door
•Top platform for cooking
•Five interlocking stove pipes
•Detachable legs for easy transport

4. DOALBUN Outdoor Tent Camping Stove, Portable Wood Burning Stove for Tent

DOALBUN Outdoor Tent Camping Stove, Portable Wood Burning Stove for Tent, Heating Burner Stove for Camping, Ice-fishing, Cookout, Hiking, Travel, Includes Pipe Tent Stove+Tent Stove Jack



This portable wood burning stove offers a wide range of uses, from heating and cooking to boiling water or making coffee. It’s perfect for camping, backpacking, ice fishing, and hunting trips, as well as car travel and shelters.

The stove is made from high-quality iron and high-temperature plastic spraying materials for long-term use and features a heat output regulator and highly flame-retardant silicone fiberglass material for added safety.


• Portable & lightweight design
• High-quality structure & heat output regulator
• Flame retardant upgrade & smoke outlet
• Suitable for camping, backpacking, fishing & hunting
• Includes 7 chimney pipes & adjustable height
• Heat-resistant glass & fan for regulating heat
• Gutter top & ash cleaning hook

5. Fitinhot Camp Wood Stove, Tent Wood Burning Stoves Portable with Chimney Pipes

Fitinhot Camp Wood Stove, Tent Wood Burning Stoves Portable with Chimney Pipes, Upgraded Titanium Surface Camping Stove, Heat Resistant Glass & Gloves for Outdoor (Black)



This portable tent wood-burning stove is equipped with an upgraded titanium surface to provide a no-stink, no-screws-needed, ready-to-use experience.

The adjustable damper system ensures control of the airflow, while the high-temperature resistance glass allows for a fabulous burning view at night.

With its removable pad, dual shelf, and 5.84 feet adjustable chimney pipe, this stove is perfect for heating and cooking in small spaces such as canvas tents, teepees, yurts, patios, shacks, and more. Create a warm and cozy atmosphere with the Fitinhot Camp Wood Stove.


• Titanium-plated, no paint/screws
• Portable, 15.43lb weight
• Adjustable damper/chimney pipe
• Flat top/dual shelf/high-temp glass
• Suitable for various tents
• Multifunctional for heating/cooking
• Removable stainless steel pad

6. WINNERWELL Nomad View Large Tent Stove

WINNERWELL Nomad View Large Tent Stove | Portable Wood Burning Stove for Tents, Shelters, and Camping | 1500 Cubic Inch Firebox | Precision Stainless Steel Construction | Includes Chimney Pipe



This highly portable wood stove is perfect for heating and cooking in small spaces such as canvas tents, teepees, yurts, shacks, tiny homes, and more.

Featuring a precision stainless steel construction that will never rust or corrode, this stove is ideal for use in harsh outdoor environments.

The 1500 cubic inch firebox and 3.5-inch diameter chimney pipe provide excellent heating capabilities, while the nesting 4-leg design and side shelves which double as carrying handles make it easy to transport and store.


• 304 Stainless Steel construction
• Includes stove, chimney pipe, spark arrestor, ash scraper
• Dimensions 18” x 9.8” x 9.8”
• Highly portable design, 34lbs total
• Ideal for heating/cooking in small spaces
• Side glass viewing windows
• Side shelves double as a carry handle

7. MC Tent Stove Portable Wood Burning Stove 304 Stainless Steel

MC Tent Stove Portable Wood Burning Stove 304 Stainless Steel for Camping Hunting 6feet Pipes Included



Make outdoor camping and hunting a breeze with the MC Tent Stove Portable Wood Burning Stove. Constructed with 304 stainless steel, this wood-burning tent stove is durable and corrosion-resistant, allowing you to use it even in rain or snow.

Its compact and portable design makes it easy to transport, while its removable chimney and legs make it easy to store. You can easily assemble the stove in four steps and use the round lid on top to cook.

The heat-resistant glass on the door also lets you fully enjoy the flickering flames. Ideal for heating, outdoor cooking, and other uses, this wood-burning tent stove is a must-have for any outdoor enthusiast. And with a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty, you can buy with confidence.


• High-quality stainless steel
• Compact & Portable
• Easy to use
• Multiple uses
• Heat-resistant glass
• Chimney with damper
• 12-month manufacturer’s warranty

8. Aomxay Camping Wood Stove, Portable Hot Tent Stove

Aomxay Camping Wood Stove, Portable Hot Tent Stove,wood burning stove Double inner wall secondary combustion design with extension feet.For outdoor cooking and heating



With a unique folding extension leg design, you can choose the height you want for maximum comfort. It also features a unique visible design with double-layer combustion and a movable ash box for easy disassembly and adjustment.

Plus, this wood stove is made of high-quality carbon steel that is rust and corrosion-resistant, perfect for all seasons. Suitable for camping, ice fishing, barbecuing, and hiking, the Aomxay Camping Wood Stove is essential for your next adventure.

With two height options and five super thick chimneys, you’ll have the perfect setup for your tent camping. Don’t miss out on this incredible wood-burning tent stove!


• Unique folding extension leg
• Visible design with double layer & ash box
• High quality rust & scratch resistant material
• Suitable for camping, fishing, BBQ & hiking
• Size: 44 x 22 x 22cm/17.5 x 8.6 x 8.6in
• Expansion size: 17.5 x 22 x 15.5/25.7 inches
• Includes 5 super thick chimneys (55-inch total connection)

9. DANCHEL OUTDOOR TSG 100% Titanium Wood Burning Stove with Side Window

DANCHEL OUTDOOR TSG 100% Titanium Wood Burning Stove with Side Window, 6.6lbs Portable Backpacking Tent Camp Wood Stove Fast-Folding



The Pick is made with 100% titanium for ultimate heat resistance and durability and features a side window with 11.6”x3.2” glass to monitor the fire without needing to open the stove door.

With a weight of 6.6 lbs, the stove is lightweight and portable, making it ideal for backpacking trips. The stove also has a bigger throttle hole on the door for faster airflow, as well as a spark arrestor to protect your tent.

Setup is fast and easy, with a two-legged design that provides stability even on rough ground. Great as a gift for any outdoor enthusiast, the DANCHEL OUTDOOR TSG 100% Titanium Wood Burning Stove is perfect for your next camping trip.


• 100% Titanium Wood Stove
• Side Window & Door Glass
• Ultra Lightweight & Sturdy
• Well-Ventilated & Stable
• Spark Arrestor & Guy Lines
• Bigger Throttle Holes
• Fast Folding & Setup

10. Camping Stove for Hot Tents, LAMA 304 Stainless Steel

Camping Stove for Hot Tents, LAMA 304 Stainless Steel Wood Burning Stove with Stainless Wall Chimney Pipes for Tents, Shelter, Outdoor Portable Stove for Camping Heating and Cooking



Perfect for camping, backpacking, ice fishing, and hunting trips, this stove will keep you toasty warm even in the coldest conditions.

The removable fire grate and heat output regulator allows for easy and safe heating and cooking, while the highly flame-retardant chimney pipes help to protect you from outdoor fire hazards.

Plus, with its easy portability and durable steel frame, this stove is sure to be a faithful companion for many years to come.


• Easy to transport & clean
• Sturdy & stable structure
• Heat output regulator
• Stainless steel chimney pipe
• Flame retardant upgrade
• Visible flame/wood window
• Versatile applications

What to Look for in the Best Wood Tent Stove?

When looking for a wood tent stove, inspect for a few important features. Safety is key, so ensure the stove is UL 1618 certified.

It should also have a spark-arrestor chimney cap and an insulated chimney pipe made from stainless steel. Opt for a stove with adjustable air intake and a built-in damper to regulate the heat.

A spark-proof ash pan will make it easier to clean. Look for a stove with an adjustable leg, so you can level it on uneven surfaces. Also, it should be lightweight and easy to assemble.

Check the stove is designed to stay cool to the touch and has a stable base. With these features, you can be sure to find the perfect wood-burning tent stove.

What is the Best Portable Tent Wood Stove?

We recommend the DANCHEL OUTDOOR HSG Portable Hot Tent Wood Burning Stove as the best portable tent wood stove. This stove is constructed with durable 304 stainless steel, with an anti-rust compact structure. It has a nesting 4-leg design to fold flat and stand rough ground steadily.

It also has two sides of the stove that are inserted installation, allowing you to change the side wall or glass. Additionally, it has a rotary damper with a handle that is more efficient than inserted dampers and a spark arrestor to protect your tent.

What is the Best Tent Stove for Backpacking?

We recommend the DANCHEL OUTDOOR T6/TSG 100% Titanium Ultralight Wood Stove. This stove is made of 100% titanium, making it 60% lighter than stainless steel and not easy to warp.

It has a top panel with a bearing bar that can bear up to 22lb and is fixed with rivets, so there is no welding or missing screws. It has 6 large air intakes and a rotary damper to control the air circulation and combustion efficiency.

It also has a spark arrestor to protect your tent and a large glass in the front door to help you add firewood in time.

How to Choose the Best Wood Burning Tent Stove?

Size: Look for a stove that fits within the size of your tent. Make sure the stove is of a size that can be easily moved inside and outside of the tent.

Fuel: Wood-burning tent stoves are powered by wood, so make sure you have an adequate supply of wood for the duration of your trip. Consider the type of wood you will be using and the availability of the fuel in the area.

Safety: Ensure that the stove you choose is safe to use in a tent. Look for a stove that has a spark arrestor, a heat shield, and a fireproof material to protect the floor and walls of the tent.

Design: Look for a stove with a good design to ensure efficient burning and proper ventilation. Also, make sure the stove is easy to assemble and disassemble.

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Pros and Cons of Wood Burning Tent Stove

Wood-burning tent stoves offer a unique and convenient way of keeping warm and cooking in outdoors. There are several pros and cons to consider when deciding if this is the right way to go for your camping trips.


1. Easy Set-up: Wood burning tent stoves are easy to set up and use, making them an ideal solution for those who are new to camping or those who are just looking for an efficient way to stay warm in their tent.

2. Heats Quickly: They heat up quickly, so you can be warm and cozy in no time.


1. Fire Risk: As with any open flame, there is a risk of a fire breaking out. Be sure to take all necessary precautions when using a wood burning tent stove.

2. Smoke: Smoke from the burning wood can be annoying and uncomfortable, especially if it is windy. Be sure to position your stove away from the wind and keep it well-ventilated.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wood Burning Tent Stove

1) What are the Benefits of a Wood Burning Tent Stove?

A wood burning tent stove provides warmth and heat, allowing you to stay warm on cold camping nights. It also adds a cozy atmosphere to your tent, allowing you to relax after a long day of activities.

2) What Type of Fuel is Required?

Wood burning tent stoves require small pieces of dry wood as fuel. Wet or damp wood is not recommended as it will not burn efficiently.

3) Are Wood Burning Tent Stoves Easy to Set Up?

Most wood burning tent stoves are designed to be easy to set up and use. They usually come with instructions and all the necessary pieces to assemble the stove.

4) Are Wood Burning Tent Stoves Safe to Use?

When used properly, wood burning tent stoves are very safe. It is important to make sure that the stove is assembled correctly and that the fire is monitored at all times.

5) What Accessories are Needed for a Wood Burning Tent Stove?

It is recommended to have a fire extinguisher and a smoke alarm to ensure safety. It is also a good idea to bring fire starters and a chimney pipe to help the fire burn more efficiently.

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The Final Word

The wood burning tent stove is an excellent option for campers and outdoor enthusiasts who want to enjoy a warm and cozy fire while camping. This stove is easy to set up and use, requiring minimal effort to get it running. It provides a safe and efficient way to produce heat and eliminates the need for heavy and bulky fuel sources.

With its portable design, this stove can be taken on any camping or outdoor adventure and provide a reliable source of heat for any occasion.