There are many ways how to clean fireplace glass. Whether your fireplace is wood, or gas dust and smoke is their constant companion. However, this companion will make the life of your fireplace glass or the glass door dirty, unless you clean it regularly. This will have a permanent detrimental effect on your fireplace.

Cleaning fireplace glass with homemade cleaners is a great way to save money and keep your home clean. Homemade solutions are less expensive than store-bought alternatives, and also easier for the environment because they don’t contain harsh chemicals such as ammonia or bleach, which can be dangerous if you have shortness of breath.

A fireplace properly installed in the right place of the house gives you heat as well as enhances the beauty of your home. This requires regular cleaning and maintenance, which you can do very easily with some homemade cleaners if you want. This will help you to save from extra expenditure and save valuable time.

In this article, we will discuss some tips on how to clean fireplace glass with homemade cleaners. In particular, wood and gas fireplace glass.

Why Is My Fireplace Glass Turning Black?

Remember, if you often see your wood fireplace door glass dirty or black, you must understand that your fireplace is burning incorrectly or something is going wrong with your fireplace. You should be careful.

Some wood fireplaces and inserts will burn using two to three layers of fuel. When the fire is a little too cold to ignite the second burn, you will see creosote formed on top of the glass. You should make sure that you are warming up your fire enough to activate the next fire.

Your glass fireplace doors turn black to create extra soot when lighting a fire. However, this extra soot production of glass is also due to problems with the oxygen or the fuel part of the fire triangle.

how to clean fireplace glass

Your fireplace doesn’t burn properly for a few wrongdoings. The result is excessive smoke and the glass turns black. This includes burning green or unseasoned wood, which creates excess smoke. Also, having more air outside, closing the chimney in the dirt, and burning random wood in the fireplace are included.

When you see the glass door of your gas fireplace turn black, you’ll understand that the air part of the fire triangle is the problem. Your fuel gas isn’t fully compatible with air.

To solve this problem, make sure that the burner ports of the fireplace are blocked and that the ceramic logs are located according to the instructions of this equipment manufacturer. If the logs are positioned incorrectly, it can block airflow and create additional soot during a fire.

How to Clean Fireplace Glass?

Here are some tips on how to clean your wood or gas fireplace with a homemade cleaner.

How to Clean Wood Fireplace Glass?

A common experience of using wood fireplaces is that wood fireplace glass or glass doors are dirtier than other fireplaces. You can’t keep the fireplace completely free of debris even if you want to because the wood is burned in a confined space here. All you can do is use your fireplace skills to avoid most creosote buildups.

There are many ways to clean the glass of a wood fireplace. You can easily clean your fireplace glass by buying baking soda, vinegar, or fireplace glass cleaner from the market. There are also some more natural and homemade ways, these are also very easy and less time-consuming. These include:

1. Use a Wet Towel or Damp Cloth

Remember, it’s always easier to clean the glass in a heated fireplace. However, it quickly stains. Instead, when the wood fireplace cools down, you can easily clean the glass by soaking it in a light towel. Just rub the wet towel on and around the glass.

2. Use Ashes and Newspapers

It’s a great way, like picking up thorns with a thorn. Although ash is often seen as an annoying byproduct of our wood burners, wood-burning fires can work alongside cleaners.

In the process, immerse the piece of newsprint in a pile once your ash has cooled. Then use this newspaper on the glass just like a damp cloth. It works as a cleaner on glass.

3. Use Toothpaste

Toothpaste (not gel) is another great way to remove stubborn stains on the front glass of your fireplace. These toothpastes are capable of cutting thick sticks, although it’s expensive. Here you can’t find any harmful chemicals.

To clean your glass, rub the toothpaste on the glass in a circular motion as before with a soft towel. After a while, wash the glass with water.

4. Use Razor Blade

If a dense layer has accumulated in the glass doors of your fireplace, cleaning it with a razor blade can be a wonderful experience. You can use previously used blades for this purpose. However, in this process, it’s better not to think about cleaning the whole glass, you can make it a partner in another process.

Holding the blade blank could be a position of forty-five degrees or a number close to it. Carefully press it along the surface to peel off the remnants of the glass part. Be careful not to put too much pressure or scratch the glass.

Make sure the glass is completely dry before returning it to its frame. Because, if the wet glass gets hot, it’s likely to burst, besides, you’ll find the cloudy layer in your fireplace glass. 

You’ll find some more information in this article.

How to Clean Gas Fireplace Glass?

It is not very difficult to clean the glass door of a gas fireplace, but you have to be very careful. Even if you want to use market cleaners, you can make them shine in a few minutes with just a few homemade ways. A good homemade fireplace glass cleaner is toxin-free, in many efficient, and reliable ways.

If a layer of fine dust is placed on top of the glass once and for all under heated conditions, it can be difficult to remove later. The glass in front of your fireplace needs to be thoroughly cleaned after a while.

You can also use ashes, newspapers, razor blades, and toothpaste to clean the glass or door of a gas fireplace, just like a wood-burning fireplace. Also, an excellent method is the vinegar solution. You’ll need these materials to make this cleaner-

  • Half a liter of water
  • Half a cup of vinegar,
  • One teaspoon of lemon juice,
  • Half a cup of rubbing alcohol
  • A spray bottle is large in size

In the beginning, mix water and vinegar and add both spray bottles. Now close the bottle with the combined ingredients and mix well by shaking. Then add the rubbing alcohol and lemon juice to the mixture. Lemon juice will give your spray more energy. This homemade cleaner won’t be less powerful than the market-made cleaner, but more so.

Open the gas fireplace door, and by placing a thick layer of newspaper under the door, rub the mixture gently around both sides with a cotton or soft towel. Then wash the glass well and dry it in the sun. If your fireplace glass has brown or black soot, this formula will work great in those hard dirty areas.

When using a vinegar solution, make sure that it doesn’t come in contact with your eyes and skin.


Although ready-made cleaners on the market will give you instant good results, homemade cleaners will give you more and different satisfaction without side effects. Your fireplace glass needs to be cleaned frequently, as it also stains the beauty of the room if it looks dirty.

In addition to cleaning your fireplace glass, care must be taken to keep it clean. Good quality fuel should be burned, and chimneys cleaned regularly and used according to its instructions.