A stove lighter is a tool used for lighting stoves and grills. It is a small device that works with butane or propane gas and is a safer alternative to matches or lighters.

This handy tool is available in various sizes and shapes and can be used for both indoor and outdoor cooking.

Modern stove lighters feature a variety of innovative designs and safety features. It is designed to produce a consistent spark so that the gas can be ignited quickly and safely. It can also be used to light BBQs, fireplaces, candles, and more.

Stove lighters are convenient, safe, and easy to use. They are a great alternative to matches or other traditional lighters and make cooking a lot easier. With the right care and maintenance, these lighters can last for many years.

Our Choice: Extremus Blaze 360 Flex Electric Lighter

Best Stove Lighters: Buying Guide

A stove lighter is an essential tool for anyone who cooks with a gas stove or oven. It is a convenient and safe way to ignite the gas without having to use a match or lighter. Here are some important factors to consider when purchasing a stove lighter.

Type of Stove Lighter

There are several types of stove lighters available in the market, including electronic, trigger, and traditional lighters. Electronic lighters require batteries and use a spark to ignite the gas. Trigger lighters are activated by pressing a trigger and emitting a flame to light the gas. Traditional lighters use flint and a wheel to create a spark to ignite the gas. Choose the type of lighter that suits your needs and preferences.

Safety Features

Safety should be a top priority when purchasing a stove lighter. Look for a lighter that has safety features such as a child-resistant mechanism, flame adjustment control, and a long handle to keep your hands away from the flame. Also, ensure that the lighter is made from durable and heat-resistant materials.

Ease of Use

A good stove lighter should be easy to use and comfortable to hold. Choose a lighter with an ergonomic design that fits comfortably in your hand. It should also have a simple and straightforward ignition system that doesn’t require too much effort to use.


The durability of the lighter is another important factor to consider. Choose a lighter made from high-quality materials that can withstand daily use and exposure to heat. Look for a lighter with a sturdy handle and a reliable ignition system that won’t break easily.

Top 9 Best Lighters for Stove Review and Our Recommendation

Our recommended stove lighters are all quality products that have been thoroughly tested and are sure to meet your needs. With top ratings, good customer reviews, and great quality, these lighters are sure to make your life easier.

1. Click n Flame Utility Lighter 4-Pack for All Occasions Wind Resistant

Click n Flame Utility Lighter 4-Pack for All Occasions Wind Resistant Flexible Shaft Multi Purpose Lighter BBQ Kitchen Candle Fireplace Grill Flexible Lighter
Credit: Amazon.com

With the Click n Flame Utility Lighter 4-Pack, you can be sure you have the perfect lighters for all occasions. Each pack includes a flexible tip lighter, a multi-purpose lighter, and a total of 4 lighters. They are wind resistant and feature a flexible shaft for maximum control and long-lasting performance.

Perfect for BBQs, kitchen candles, fireplaces, grills, and more, these lighters make it simple to get the job done. So, don’t be left in the dark – get your Click n Flame Utility Lighter 4-Pack today and be prepared for any situation.

Key Features

• 4-pack wind-resistant lighters
• Flexible tip lighter
• Multi-purpose lighter
• BBQ, kitchen, fireplace, grill
• Lightweight & durable
• Child-resistant safety switch
• Long-lasting & refillable

2. VEHHE Candle Lighter, Electric Rechargeable Arc Lighter

VEHHE Candle Lighter, Electric Rechargeable Arc Lighter with LED Battery Display Long Flexible Neck USB Lighter for Light Candles Gas Stoves Camping Barbecue
Credit: Amazon.com

Lighting up a candle, stove, or campfire doesn’t have to be a hassle. With VEHHE Candle Lighter, you can do it safely and quickly.

This electric rechargeable arc lighter features a long flexible neck and LED battery display that makes it easy to use in any conditions. It even has an automatic cut-off and safety lock design to keep children away from the fire.

Plus, it’s USB rechargeable and can be used hundreds of times on one charge. Perfect for a variety of occasions, from candles to gas stoves to camping and barbecues. Get VEHHE Candle Lighter today and make lighting up your next adventure a breeze.

Key Features

• Windproof design
• Multiple protections
• Widely used
• USB rechargeable
• Long & flexible head
• Includes candle lighter & USB cable
• Detailed product instructions

3. Candle Lighter, Upgraded USB Electric Lighter, Rechargeable

Candle Lighter, Upgraded USB Electric Lighter, Rechargeable Arc Lighter with LED Display, 360° Flexible Neck Flameless Grill Long Lighters for Candle Aromatherapy Camping BBQ Gas Stoves (Black) 1
Credit: Amazon.com

VEHHE’s upgraded candle lighter offers a safe and flexible way to light candles, gas stoves, and more. Its rechargeable battery ensures you won’t be left in the dark, while its safety lock design keeps children away from the spark.

Enjoy hassle-free lighting for camping, aromatherapy, BBQs, and more with VEHHE’s upgraded candle lighter.

Key Features

• Windproof design
• Multiple safety protections
• Flexible soft head
• Widely used
• USB rechargeable
• Long using time
• Includes USB cable

4. Ozeri Piezoelectric Stove Lighter, Flameless, Red

Ozeri Piezoelectric Stove Lighter, Flameless, Red
Credit: Amazon.com

With Ozeri Piezoelectric Stove Lighter, you can say goodbye to the hassle of finding lighters or matches. This innovative flameless cooker lighter uses crystal-powered piezoelectricity, so no batteries, lighter fuel, or flint are required.

Simply squeeze the handle and its fitted piezoelectric crystals will produce a tiny spark to ignite the gas source on your stove. With no refills or hazardous materials, this Italian-made lighter is easy to clean and maintain.

Key Features

• Piezoelectricity- no batteries, fuel, flint
• Squeeze the handle to generate a spark
• No refills, hazardous materials
• Easy to clean
• Italian made
• Durable crystals
• Mechanical force applied to handle

5. Candle Lighters USB-C Electric Rechargeable: Plasma Arc Windproof Flameless Extra Long

Candle Lighters USB-C Electric Rechargeable: Plasma Arc Windproof Flameless Extra Long Electric Lighter with Safe Button for Grill BBQ Fireplace Camping Stove Kitchen Firework Birthday Christmas
Credit: Amazon.com

This innovative lighter is the perfect solution for those looking for a safe, easy, and reliable way to light up any environment. With its powerful battery, you can charge it quickly and get up to 60-70 uses per charge.

It is also made of all metal (zinc alloy + aluminum alloy) which ensures that it will last for years. Plus, its 8.6-inch long design will keep your hands out of harm’s way while using.

This electric lighter also has a special double-lock feature that will automatically shut off after 7 seconds of continuous pressing. It also has a child-safety lock for added safety.

Lastly, this electric lighter is a great gift for someone special in your life, making it perfect for any occasion.

Key Features

• USB-C rechargeable battery with fast charging
• Durable & Safe: all metal, flameless design & no sparks/smell
• Double lock: auto shut off after 7 seconds & child-safety lock
• Stylish design & great gift idea
• Ideal for candles, gas stoves, grills, BBQs & camping
• Easy to use for Arthritis sufferers
• 30-day money back & 1-Year Warranty

6. Navpeak Candle Lighter Long Neck Windproof Electric Arc Lighter

Navpeak Candle Lighter Long Neck Windproof Electric Arc Lighter for Gas Stove Fireplace BBQ Kitchen Grills(Black)
Credit: Amazon.com

Navpeak Candle Lighter Long Neck Windproof Electric Arc Lighter is a must-have for all gas stove, fireplace, BBQ, and kitchen grill owners. Its double safety lock feature provides twice the safety of other lighters on the market.

The charge indicators help you know when to keep the device charged, while the smart power control feature automatically switches off the lights after 10 seconds.

Furthermore, the butane-free lighter is rechargeable via USB, making it ideal for camping and hiking trips.

Lastly, the windproof and flameless design ensures that you can use it even on rainy and windy days.

Key Features

• Double Safety Lock Feature
• Charge Indicators
• Smart Power Control
• Butane-Free
• Windproof & Flameless
• Rechargeable
• 10 Sec Auto-Switch Off

7. BIC Multi-Purpose Classic and Flex Wand Candle Lighters

BIC Multi-Purpose Classic and Flex Wand Candle Lighters, Assorted Colors, Reliable and Safe, For Fireplaces, Campfires and More, Utility Lighter, 4-Count
Credit: Amazon.com

Light your candles, fireplaces, and campfires with ease and safety. BIC Multi-Purpose Classic and Flex Wand Candle Lighters are the perfect utility lighters for all your lighting needs.

With more than 50 individual safety inspections, you can be sure that your lighter will be reliable and safe. The long durable metal wand keeps hands away from the fire, while the retractable hook makes storage convenient.

Plus, the high-performing, long-lasting flame makes lighting with these lighters a breeze. Plus, the pack of 4 includes 3 classic wands and 1 flex wand in assorted colors.

Key Features

• 50 safety inspections
• Long metal wand
• Retractable hook
• High-performing flame
• 4 multipurpose lighters
• 3 classic wands

8. Extremus Blaze 360 Flex Electric Lighter, Rechargeable Arc Lighter, Windproof

Extremus Blaze 360 Flex Electric Lighter, Rechargeable Arc Lighter, Windproof Plasma Lighter,Flexible Neck Flameless Grill Lighters, Waterproof Lighter for Candle Aromatherapy Camping BBQ Gas Stove
Credit: Amazon.com

Light up your life with Extremus Blaze 360 Flex Electric Lighter. This rechargeable arc lighter is windproof, and water-resistant, and comes with a flexible neck to reach hard-to-access areas.

With a USB-C rechargeable battery that offers 300 uses per charge and a paracord lanyard and emergency whistle, this camping lighter is a must-have for camping, BBQs, and more.

Enjoy this essential survival tool that can be used as a tinder, fishing line, and more.

Key Features

• Upgraded 360°Flexible Neck
• Weatherproof Arc Lighter
• IP56 Dustproof & Waterproof
• USB-C Rechargeable
• Outdoor Survival Lighter
• Reduces Burn Risk
• Convenient Charging

9. Navpeak Mini Candle Lighter Multipurpose Lighter Utility Lighter

Navpeak Mini Candle Lighter Multipurpose Lighter Utility Lighter with Extended Wand Handy Refillable for Kitchen Fireplace Pilot Light DIY BBQ Grill Stove 5 Pack (Butane Included)
Credit: Amazon.com

Featuring an extended wand, this handy and refillable lighter allows you to reach those hard-to-access places from a safe distance.

With its reliability, durability, and safety, you can be sure that this multipurpose utility lighter has your best interests in mind. This lighter is suitable for a variety of lighting purposes, from lighting birthday candles to camping fires.

It’s even perfect for your gas stove, grilling, barbecue, fireplace, candle, food equipment, campfire, hiking, lantern, and pilot light. Plus, it comes with butane gas included, so you can easily use it right away.

Make your life easier with the Navpeak Mini Candle Lighter. Its multipurpose and utility design makes it perfect for all your lighting needs.

Key Features

• Multi-purpose use
• Extended wand
• Soft flame
• Reliable & durable
• Safe & easy to use
• Useful for lighting
• Ready to use w/ gas

Benefits of Using the Best Stove Lighters

Using the best stove lighters is beneficial in many ways. They provide a convenient and reliable means to light up stoves with ease. They are also safer than using matches or lighters as they create a spark rather than an open flame.

Another advantage is that these lighters are designed to fit most stove models, which makes them versatile. Moreover, they are designed to be easy to use and require minimal maintenance. Furthermore, they are usually made from durable materials, making them long-lasting.

In addition, the best stove lighters come with adjustable flame intensity settings. This provides users with the ability to customize the flame size to their preference and depending on the type of food they are cooking. Furthermore, they are extremely lightweight and easily portable.

Different Types of Stove Lighters

There are various types of stove lighters available in the market, each with its own advantages. The most common type is the matchstick lighter, which comes in a variety of sizes and is the staple of any camping gear.

Another popular type is the flint and steel lighter, which is a durable and reliable lighter that is powered by a flint and steel mechanism. For those who want something more advanced, there are electric lighters, which are powered by an internal battery.

These lighters are often used for outdoor activities such as grilling or smoking. For those looking for a more stylish option, there are also butane lighters, which are refillable and come in a variety of colors and designs.

For those who need a more powerful and reliable option, there are torch lighters, which are powered by a small butane tank. All of these lighters offer unique benefits and can be used to light a variety of different types of stoves.

Use of Stove Lighter

Stove lighters are a convenient and safe way to light gas burners. They ignite the gas using a spark and allow you to adjust the flame size.

1. Make sure that the gas is turned on and that all of the knobs are in the “off” position.

2. Turn the knob to the “light” position and hold the lighter close to the burner.

3. Push down on the button and it will produce a spark that will ignite the gas.

4. Adjust the flame size by turning the knob to the desired level.

5. When finished, turn the knob back to the “off” position.

It’s important to note that stove lighters must be kept away from children and should be stored in a safe place.

stove lighter

Safety Tips for Using Stove Lighters

Stove lighters are a convenient way to light gas stoves, but they can be dangerous if not used properly. Here are some safety tips to help ensure the safe use of your stove lighter:

• Ensure all stove controls are off before attempting to light the stove.

• Make sure the flame reaches all the burner holes before releasing the lighter.

• Keep the stove lighter away from the gas source and ensure it is pointed away from your face.

• Replace the lighter if it is damaged or leaking gas.

• Always store the lighter in a cool, dry place.

• Do not use the stove lighter if it has been dropped or jarred.

• Make sure the handle is in the upright position when not in use.

• Keep the stove lighter out of the reach of children and pets.

• Never leave the stove unattended when it is lit.

• Be sure to turn off the stove when finished cooking.

• Always check for gas leaks after lighting the stove.

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Stove Lighter: Pros and Cons

Stove lighters are convenient tools used to ignite gas stoves and ovens. They provide a spark or flame to light a gas stove quickly and safely.


1. Easy to Use: Stove lighters are easy to use and don’t require any special skills or knowledge. All you have to do is press the trigger and a spark or flame will ignite the gas.

2. Safe: Stove lighters are designed to be safe and reliable. They have built-in safety mechanisms to prevent accidental ignition.

3. Durable: Stove lighters are made from durable materials that can withstand high temperatures and last for many years.


1. Cost: Stove lighters can be expensive, especially if you need to replace them frequently.

2. Risk of Fire: There is always a risk of fire when using a stove lighter, so it’s important to use caution and follow safety instructions when using one.


What is a stove lighter?

A stove lighter is a handheld device used to ignite a gas stove. It produces a spark or a flame which is then used to light the gas.

How does a stove lighter work?

A stove lighter works by producing a spark or flame which is then used to ignite the gas stove. The spark is created by a spark wheel or a piezo igniter and can be triggered by pressing a button. Once the gas is lit, the flame is then used to adjust the temperature of the stove.

What are the safety precautions for using a stove lighter?

It is important to follow the safety guidelines when using a stove lighter. Always make sure to keep the stove lighter away from any combustible materials and never point it toward yourself or anyone else.

What type of fuel is used in a stove lighter?

Most stove lighters use butane fuel, although some may also use propane or natural gas.

Where can I purchase a stove lighter?

Stove lighters can be purchased from a variety of retail outlets, including hardware stores, home improvement stores, and online retailers.


A stove lighter is an incredibly useful tool for any kitchen. It allows for the easy and safe lighting of any stove or other fuel-burning device. With its adjustable flame control and long-lasting design, a stove lighter can make cooking easier and safer. Whether you’re a professional chef or a home cook, a stove lighter is an invaluable tool for any kitchen.