When you think of starting a fire in a fireplace, the first thing that comes to mind is kindling. But this isn’t the last and only way! There are many ways how to start a fire in a fireplace without kindling. You can take these as an alternative. Kindlings are finger-shaped sticks or branches that are narrower than other firewood and can easily light a fire in any fireplace or fire pit so they’re more valuable too.

Whether you want your wood-burning stove or the fireplace to burn efficiently, you get the desired heat, and warmth. That’s why you don’t want to take any risk in the first place, you value kindling. It makes sense to buy easily prepared kindling.

But while it’s valuable to start your fire, the reality is that kindling isn’t always easy to find. Moreover, many people think it costs extra. They find alternatives with a little more effort than that.  This article is for those, who are looking for an alternative to kindling to start a fire in the fireplace.

Is It Safe to Start a Fire Without Kindling?

It is important to place a piece of kindling under your logs when starting a fire. The kindling will provide an additional source of heat and it will start the burning process much more quickly. However, if you are unable to find it, it’s almost no matter what to worry about.

how to start a fire in a fireplace without kindling

There are many reasons and ways why you might need to start a fire without kindling. Maybe you’ve run out and don’t know when you’ll be able to get more, or maybe the matchbox is wet, or worse yet, lost in your couch cushions. There’s also the possibility that it’s too difficult to find kindling if your home is already on fire! In any case, there are still some ways for you to light up your hearth without having wooden sticks at hand.

If you’re wondering if it is safe to start a fire without kindling, the answer is yes. The key to a successful fireplace fire starts with setting up your wood in an opening so that all of the spaces are filled and then lighting one end. With enough airflow, this will light the rest of the pile on its own, but don’t worry about adding kindling. There are many options for overcoming the problem.

Check Before You Light

The fireplace is a warm hug in winter, just like a lover. This time sitting next to the fire is like sitting next to the lover. The word sounds ridiculous but true. But if the fire doesn’t burn properly? What if you get smoked? Or if you have a deficit in any of the arrangements? Then you won’t get the expected results, you can’t even expect.

So, if you want to get the desired warmth, or have the experience of not doing it before the onset of the fire in the fireplace, you need to do the pre-preparation tasks mentioned below.

The Wood Is Dry

Test whether the wood is dry. You should always collect dry wood for burning in your fireplace. If you burn fresh or moist wood instead of burning dry wood, you’ll get less heat and smoke. Firewood with a humidity of less than 20% should be chosen for proper combustion. Would be best, if you can choose seasoned wood.

Whether the Fireplace Area Is Clean

When you are going to light a fire in the fireplace, whether the area of ​​the fireplace is clean, is an important issue. First, clean the area around the fireplace. Secure the place, and make sure that not all flammable materials like drips, magazines, clothing, and home decor items are on fire.

Check the Chimney

Check and clean your chimney. Make sure there is no dirt, bird nests, or any obstructions inside the chimney. It’ll be downdrafts. Call a certified professional if needed to help clean and inspect your fireplace and chimney.

Open the Damper

The first time I set fire to a fireplace, I opened the damper. This sometimes causes big accidents. So, be sure to open the damper at all costs to avoid the risk of this accident.

Make the Ash Bed

Having an ash bed at the top of your fireplace helps the fireplace to create a more heated fire. Make the beds with ashes from your outdoor grill, and place them in your fireplace.

Clean the Air

You must make sure that the room in which your fireplace is located has good ventilation and is free from all flammable substances and gases.

Sort the Logs

From top to bottom, start by stacking your fuel logs at the bottom of the fire grate in small to large bins according to this rule. Be sure to stack small logs on top. The fire should be lit from the top of the stack along with other tenders through the arranged newspaper.

Check the Light Material

Check the equipment to start the light in the fireplace. There are several ways to set fire to a fireplace. You need to see if your equipment is safe. Kindling may be one of the choices, but it’s not the only choice. You may have many options at hand, find the safest material for lighting from these.

12 Easy Options on How to Start a Fire in a Fireplace Without Kindling

When you are thinking about starting a fire in your fireplace, naturally you’ll think about kindling. This is a simple solution. You may not think that there are hundreds of kindle-like objects around you that can easily illuminate your fireplace with just a spark. You just have to have the will and the mindset to use them properly.

We’ll talk about these items that will help you with how to start a fire in a fireplace without kindling.

1. Bark

The bark can be great as an option for kindling. Whenever you collect a bunch of logs, you will find some bark. You can use any kind of bark to start the light in the fireplace. However, the bark burns relatively quickly, so you must be careful when burning it.

2. Rolled Up Newspaper

This is another excellent option. For this, the newspaper must be rolled up and tied. You just take a page of the newspaper, roll it up and fold it into a long length. Now make several overhand knots along the length of the newspaper and tie the knot as much as possible without tearing the newspaper. The tied part will burn longer than the open page of a newspaper making sure the inside of the newspaper is maximized vacuum-free.

3. Fire Starters

The great advantage of a commercial fire starter is that it can simultaneously play the role of both tinder and kindling. They’re great because they’re able to start a fire in your fireplace with just a few sparkles.

4. Smaller Logs

Your fire legs can be used to start a good fire in your fireplace or fire pit. Cut a small portion of these to get your fire started. This can be a great option for lighting your fireplace.

5. Twigs and Dried Leaves

Tree twigs or dried leaves can be a good alternative to turning on the lights in the fireplace. Dry small twigs and dried leaves of trees burn easily and these are easily found around us. So, you can think of these as alternative kindling

6. Grass

Dried grass can be great as an alternative to lighting a fireplace. However, not all grasses, only relatively thick and long grasses should be chosen. These must be dried and packed in small sturdy bundles before use.

7. Fatwood

Fatwood is dry wood that is full of resin. You’ll usually get this fatwood after the dead pine trees have rotted. It contains terpene which is highly flammable. All of these terpenes in fatwood burn it easily and for a long time.

8. Pine Cone

A pipe cone can be another great option if you look around. It’s free, just pick it up and burn it. However, its light is on for a short time. If you want to burn for a long time, add dried bark from the tree or newspaper knots along with it.

9. Toilet Paper

Its process is quite similar to that of a newspaper, you can use it. Roll a piece of toilet paper rope-like structure into a tight tube. You can twist them together and make them stiff enough if you want so that it slows down your burning time like a newspaper.

10. Use Chips

This is another good way to start a fire. A large amount of oil in the potato chips allows it to take a small flame that burns slowly and these will continue to burn for a long time. There will be several flames to get the big flame.

11. Book Pages

The paper of the books burns long enough for a good fire. Start by flashing one or two pages at the beginning. Don’t try to burn the whole book together, and the flames don’t completely smother when you close the book.

12. Synthetic Fabrics

Synthetic fabrics and rope can be a good way to start a fire, it burns for a long time. One of its problems, however, is that it doesn’t burn to ashes, but melts. Also, its smoke is toxic. So be careful.

How to Start a Fire in a Fireplace?

Successfully starting a fire in a fireplace is not a difficult task. But you must choose the right wood for it, stack the wood and start a fire. You can start a fire in the following 5 steps

Step 1

First, make sure the fireplace grate is clean. To create a new fire, remove the remaining ash from the previous fire, burnt wood, large pieces of wood, or other by-products, and level the surface as much as possible

Step 2

Now stack the woods. Stack the woods in such a way that the woods are connected, but make sure they are not tightly attached. Because for wood to burn efficiently, there must be adequate airflow in the gap of the woods.

Step 3

Place relatively small pieces of wood horizontally under the fireplace grate. This is because they will burn more easily than large pieces of wood and will help spread fire to other woods. Then arrange the large pieces together.

Step 4

Add large pieces and before that make sure there is space between the woods to get oxygen. Notice another thing, as if the big pieces are located on top of the smaller pieces and at a slight angle. In this, the wood will burn efficiently.

Step 5

Finally, start a fire in the fireplace. If you do not want to use kindling to start a fire, you can start a fire by selecting one of the options mentioned above.

How Do You Start a Fire Without a Starter?

If you’re in a survival situation and need to start a fire, there are a few ways to do it without a starter. One way is to use a lens to focus the sun’s rays onto a piece of tinder. Another way is to create a bow drill. You’ll need a piece of string, a bow, and a spindle. The string should be tied to the center of the bow. The other end of the string should be looped around the spindle. To use the bow drill, place the spindle on top of a piece of tinder. Place your hand over the spindle and use the bow to rotate the spindle quickly. The friction will create heat, which will ignite the tinder.

If you have a battery, you can also use it to start a fire. Remove the insulation from the ends of the battery wires. Touch the ends of the wires together to create a spark. Aim the spark at the tinder and blow on it to help ignite the fire.

Another way to start a fire is by using a chemical reaction. Two chemicals that will react and create heat are potassium permanganate and glycerin. Place a small amount of potassium permanganate in a cup. Add glycerin to the potassium permanganate and stir. The mixture will heat up and can be used to ignite tinder.

In a survival situation, being able to start a fire can mean the difference between life and death. With a little creativity, you can start a fire without a starter.


From the above discussion, it’s clear that even when you don’t have a kindling, there are many options to start a fire in your fireplace or fire pit, and it is all around you. When you’re out of kindling, but you need to light a fire in the fireplace, you can see different options for it.

In this article, we discussed 12 possible solutions on how to start a fire in a fireplace without kindling. You just choose the one you like and use it. However, it’s a warning that any alternative should be used with caution. This issue isn’t out of it. Every moment of your fireplace matters, every change matters, and keeping attention on every matter is important.

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